9:30AM Traditional Worship Experience
11AM Contemporary Worship Experience


9:30 AM
Traditional Worship Experience In...

English Only



11 AM Contemporary Worship Experience In...

English & Spanish (KIDS CHURCH After Worship)




For the church to truly be effective, it doesn’t take the talents of a few people, but the sacrifices of many. We are so thankful for the individuals and families who have caught the heart of God to build His church. Building can be done in a lot of different ways, but one of those ways we can help build is through serving.

Our Dream Team is one way we can serve. The Dream Team is one team made up of different focuses on each of our ministry teams. We love to connect people’s gifting and talents to a focus of our Dream Team. Someone who loves people, is outgoing, and is great at making people feel at home would most likely find themselves on our Host Team. On the contrary, someone who maybe is more reserved, but an expert in anything they touch may find themselves on the Production Team.

There are so many areas to be a part of within our Dream Team. We would love to help you find a place that you love serving and feel the most fulfilled in. If you’re unsure of where that may be, feel free to shoot us a text (786) 229-9145. If you are ready to jump in and help build God’s church, click the button below to fill out our Dream Team application.