A Life-Giving Church

Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness

First impressions matter. Oftentimes in the programming and planning of church services we can quickly neglect an important aspect of our worship gatherings: We need to welcome first-time visitors and treat them like VIPs.
Here’s how: 

Step 1: A Helpful Email. 24 hours after your visit to NLS, you will receive a beautifully designed email including links for information about the small groups and children’s ministry. Also a links to a survey to get feedback from your experience and a link to spread the word and invite friends. 

Step 2: A Greeting Card. 48 hours after your visit to NLS, a card will be mailed to you from two or three NLSers again, thanking you for your visit, inviting you back to visit and letting you know that NLSers are praying for you.
Step 3: A Letter from the Pastor.  72 hours after your visit to NLS you will get that official welcome letter from Pastor Coop.