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Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness

First impressions matter. Oftentimes in the programming and planning of church services we can quickly neglect an important aspect of our worship gatherings: We need to welcome first-time visitors and treat them like VIPs.
Here’s how: 

Rockstar Parking.  As a vehicle pulls up to the campus there needs to be signs for first-time visitors to turn on their hazard lights on to let the parking lot volunteers direct you to the VIP Parking reserved for guests.  (Reserve parking for VIPs will be in the front row just west of the walkway).

A VIP Welcome. As you arrive on the NLS campus, a volunteer will come to your car and welcome you. He will be incredibly friendly and genuinely excited that you are there. He explained to you that at New Life Sanctuary every guest is treated like a VIP.  He will then escort you to a VIP Ambassador, she will give a quick tour of the NLS campus.  She will provide you with a connection card to fill out.  After the campus tour she will then led you into the auditorium where there were will be free donuts, bagels, fruit, juice, milk and coffee.  She will again welcome you to NLS and present you with a business card instructing you to contact her via email if we have any questions about your experience at NLS.  All this in the first 1 minute of being on the NLS campus. 

An Incentive to Get Your Info. The connection card that you were provided if you fill it out and returned to the VIP Ambassador, a $1 donation will be made to a local charity as thanks for sharing your information with us.
Warm Greetings All Around. As we walked in, all NLSers will greet you enthusiastically.

Great Welcome from the Front. We all know how awkward those ‘if anyone is new here, please raise your hand’ moments can be in church. At NLS, we don’t put any pressure on you to acknowledge your newness, but rather warmly welcomed all of the VIPs of the day and reiterated how we could get connected and where to go after the service to get more information.
100% No Hassle Guarantee From the Pastor.  Pastor conveyed to all the VIP’s that nobody from NLS will be knocking on your door uninvited. 
1st Impressions Dream Team Positions

  • Parking Lot
  • VIP Ambasssador's
  • Cafe Gigal
  • Ushers
  • Section Leaders